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The best resources aren’t

the skills you acquire, but the

relationships you develop.

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Death to the message board or: how to connect instantly.

Online forum communities are great for intermittent threaded discussions but still lack the real-time immediacy that chat offers. 

Let go of “Business is not personal,” and recognize that in the creative world, personal, genuine relationships are vital. That is what networking is all about.

Carlos NetoBackstage Expert, Backstage.com

The whole business is relationships. Material comes through agents, managers, producers and friends. I know it’s frustrating but get you work read. Hustle around. Find people who do have relationships and if your script is good enough, eventually it will get to the right place.

Cassian ElwesIndependent Film Producer

Once you’re in a network, luckily, hopefully, people then say ‘Oh, you’re quite good, why don’t you come and work for us’.

Nisha PartiProducer

So get out there and develop relationships with people in the industry and film community who could be sources of referrals. I have had referrals from PA's, actors, editors, other cinematographers -- you never know where your next job might come from.

Ryan WaltersCinematographer

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